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Using TM1 Lock to Protect your Data

Locking objects in TM1 is the best way to protect your objects from being changed – even by ADMIN’s! 
So yes, you can lock your data so even the TM1 admin cannot change it. Amazing, huh!

The following post will step you through how to use the “Lock” function in TM1. We will also explore the capabilities and use cases with examples.

What is Lock Privilege in TM1?

Lock is a function in TM1 that prevents users from being able to edit objects that shouldn’t be changed (for example: Closed Budgeting periods). Once a TM1 object has been locked, no user or process and edit it in any way.

The objects that can be locked include the following:

  • Cubes
    • Locking a Cube prevents users from entering data or updating the cube until it has been unlocked
  • Dimensions
    • Locking a Dimension prevents users from being able to add, remove or reorder elements, keeping your Dimension structure safe!
  • Elements
    • Locking an Element prevents users from entering data against this element anywhere.

Why not just Reserve Data?

Unlike Lock, reserving a TM1 object is only a temporary solution. If the server that your TM1 object resides on were to restart, the reservation would be removed.

Locking data is a safer and more permanent option to prevent any accidental changes.

How do I Lock a TM1 Object

Locking a TM1 object is easier than you may think. Once you have identified the object you wish to Lock, simply Right-Click on the Object, navigate to “Security” and then select “Lock”. Once an object has been locked it can only be Unlocked by an ADMIN user.

Performing this is Planning Analytics is just as easy, however there is a slightly different process for Dimensions. To lock a dimension, you need to Right-Click on “Dimensions” and navigate to “Edit Settings”, from here you can Right-Click on the dimension you wish to Lock, select “Set Security” and then “Lock”.

Further Information

If you need further information on Security in TM1, please use this post.

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