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ViewConstruct TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

TM1 views can be very slow to regenerate after data has been loaded or rules modified. This, in turn, can be extremely frustrating for users who are used to the lightening fast response they normally receive from TM1 data. To manage this there is a function that will precalculate a view so it is ready to use in either Planning Analytics for Excel, Planning Analytics Workspace, Architect or Cognos BI. This function is ViewConstruct.

ViewConstruct essentially opens, calculates and stores a Stargate view in memory on your TM1 server. From there they are available for users to consume.

Syntax of ViewConstruct

The syntax of ViewConstruct is:

ViewConstruct(CubeName, ViewName);


  • CubeName is the name of the cube you want to calculate the view for.
  • ViewName is the name of the view you need to calculate. This view could be dynamically calculated within the TI process, using something like the Infocube Create View process.

Example of use of ViewConstruct

We have a quite large forecasting cube at a client that forecasts out for 10 years. When we load up historic GL data into it, the first open of the 10 year forecast view can take some minutes to recalculate. We use this function in the load TI so that after history is loaded, the view is recalculated. We include in the view the ultimate parent levels of each dimension, forcing the entire model to recalculate, ready for use.

The command we have in the CubeLoad TI is:

ViewConstruct('Operating Plan', 'PnL by Year');

So here the view called PnL by Year is refreshed, forcing the entire forecast to be calculated.

Note on Use

This ViewConstruct function is valid in TurboIntegrator processes only.

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