ViewExtractSkipCalcsSet TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

This is one of a set of functions that define the behaviour of a Turbo Integrator AsciiOutput. The ViewExtractSkipCalcsSet function sets the output to either extract rollup calculated (as distinct from rule calculated) values or not, depending if a flag is set (0 for export, 1 for skip). It is the equivalent of the Skip Consolidated Values option in the View Extract dialog box.

To skip (or include) Rule calculated values,  please see this post.

Why would you use it? The primary reasons are to dramatically decrease the size of a CSV extract and to ensure that the data exported is only at N level, rather than calculated elements.

Syntax of ViewExtractSkipCalcsSet

ViewExtractSkipCalcsSet (Cube, ViewName, Flag); where:

  • cube, is the name of the cube that has the view you want to export
  • viewname, is the view in the cube that is to be exported
  • flag, is the setting, either 0 for export rule calculated values, or 1 for skip rule calculated values.


vCubeExport  = 'Sales';

vViewExport = 'Sales Export'

ViewExtractSkipCalcsSet (vCubeExport , vViewExport , 1);

In this example we have defined  variables for the cube and view to be exported, then used them in the function where we have set the flag to 1, so consolidation rollup calculation values will not be exported.

If you are trying to set Rule calculated values to be either exported or skipped, please see this post.

This function is valid for use in Turbo Integrator processes only.