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Welcome to ExploringTM1.com!

Hello and welcome to ExploringTM1.com!

ExploringTM1, in the Beginning

ExploringTM1 was initially all about recording my personal journey from a TM1 newby to something beyond that. I have many years experience with business intelligence, performance management and data warehouses, but was new to TM1.  So this blog was really about me exploring TM1. The ExploringTM1 blog was a record of my journey, the musings, frustrations, ah ha moments, tips and tricks, code, the “why is it so dumb” moments etc. It also includes stuff on the integration with Cognos BI and is relevant for both TM1 and Planning Analytics.

Merge with TM1Tutorials

At the same time, my business, Infocube, was also writing another blog, www.TM1Tutorials.com. In early 2017 we merged these two blogs into this one, so now all the posts that were part of TM1Tutorials.com are now included here. Then, as my level of proficiency with TM1 has improved, the depth of discussion about different topics has improved, from explaining a specific function in TM1(such as how to write an ASCIIOUTPUT statement in a TI) to now also writing about how to use TM1 to solve problems (such as creating a list report in an Active Form) or more technical things like re-ordering dimensions in a cube.

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