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What Folders to Use for TM1 Models

We sometimes get asked what folders should we use for our TM1 model Well the answer to that is really simple. Whatever folders you want to use.

Recommended Folders for TM1 Models

We do, however, recommend that you use the following:

BackupsDaily, Weekly and Monthly backups
Configtm1s.cfg and tm1s-log.properties
DataAll model files (cubes, dimensions, processes etc.)
InputData that is to be loaded into TM1
LogsTM1 Logs
MigrateFolders to copy tm1 files to then be migrated between models.
OutputExports from TM1
ReportsLocation to save reports we are building
ScriptsScripts that are run to help manage the TM1 model
Folders for TM1 Model

Why use these Directories for TM1 Models

Using this directory structure will mean that you:

  • separate out you model data files from everything else (so you can then easily backup the model),
  • store the tm1s.cfg file in a config folder (just so it is easy to find),
  • have those backups separate from everything else so you can easily go get them and restore what you might need,
  • keep the logs separate so they are easy to refer to and don’t clutter up the data folder,
  • have input and output files stored separately, once again, reducing clutter in the data folder (and also the size of the backups of it)
  • keep scrips that you use to run the model (such as backups, or backup cleanups) in an easy to find spot,
  • have somewhere where multiple developers can save reports and forms while they are working on them that is not inside the model (yet), and
  • have all the model files you need for migration packages in a single location. Then when you take stuff from dev to test, you can take the same stuff to prod and know you have everything.

Final Thoughts on TM1 Folders

The final thing is that we also recommend that you put all these folders in a directory that describes the model and this in turn in a folder at the root of a drive.

Folders for use in a TM1 Model.

Most importantly, do it consistently on all your models.

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