Your Lifeline, The TM1 Transaction Log and how to Undo (or Back Out) Changes

The TM1 Transaction Log stores all data changes in TM1 you can use it to restore data as kind of a Super-Undo. You can use it to back out, or reverse, changes to data

Reversing Transactions in TM1

Backing out transactions in TM1 is not at all difficult. First of all here is the view of the Salary cube with data:

And one after the data is accidentally flushed out:

How to Undo (or Reverse or Back Out) Changes to TM1 Data

There are 2 ways to navigate to the Transaction Log window through TM1 Perspectives:

  1. Click on your Server name from the list and Click Server > View Transaction Log
  2. Right click on your server name and click “View Transaction Log”

Either way, you’ll be presented with the “Transaction Log Query” popup window in which you can select the start time, end time, clients, and cubes transactions to be viewed.

Note: If you receive an error upon opening the transaction log have a look at this post about a issue on Windows Server and Windows 7 Onwards.

Click ok and you’ll see the “Transaction Log Query Results” window.

If you would like to reverse one transaction only, you can click on that transaction and go to Edit > Select to select that transaction only. You can also use the Shift key to select a group of rows or the Ctrl key to select rows that are not next to each other.

However, if you have queried the exact time, clients, and cubes which transactions you would like to reverse (which is what we’ve done for this example), you can choose to simply Select All before you back out. If you have more than 5100, TM1 will let inform you that it might take a while to reverse this transactions through a pop-up window.

To undo these transactions, go to Edit and click “Back Out”

Once the process is done, the changes made to your cube would be reversed and your cube will once again looks like this:

My Gripe!

If I have one bone to pick, it would be the user-friendliness of the Query Results windows. Rather than abusing the Edit button, perhaps it could have been simpler if we could select the entries by ticking the boxes or if we could use the right click button to select our options once the selection is made.

However, aside from that, Transaction Log is a simple and efficient way to reverse data changes in your cube.

If you would like assistance developing Turbo Integrator Processes or Cube Rules for your TM1 Solution, the friendly team of Consultants at Infocube are here to help. Just get in touch via and we’ll help you out.