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TM1 Performance

Setting Dimension Order for a TM1 Cube

Dimension order within cubes in TM1 is important not only for performance, but also for usability. When should you set the order for usability and when for performance? And how do you optimise the dimension order for performance? All these questions and more are addressed in this post from ExploringTM1.

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John Vaughan

TM1 Stargate Views Explained

This is a fabulous article from our friends at Ironside in the US. The original article is available here. There are various approaches available to enhance the performance of your TM1

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Multi Threaded Queries (MTQ)

Multi-threaded queries allow TM1 to automatically load balance the application of cores by executing each query on a separate core. This multiple processing can improve efficiency and processing time for large queries and rules.

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