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Change Cognos Express Backup Location

Cognos Express has an internal backup tool that collects almost everything into a single backup.  It is run from the Cognos Express Manager screen manually.  By default it stores the backups it creates inside the installation folders of CX.  Saved here, they are easily lost and also easy to delete when upgrading Cognos Express (where you need to do a full uninstall). As you need to restore one of these … Continue Reading

Cognos Express Backups: How to Create an Effective CX and TM1 Backup Strategy

Backing up your TM1 and/or Cognos Express environment is vital.  Without it, you potentially could lose months of work and cost your organisation a motza.  Good disaster recovery planning will help alleviate this risk. There is a Backup tool available in the Manager screen of Cognos Express that backs up and restores your entire Cognos Express environment.  Unfortunately this does not allow restoring of specific elements of your system.  Thus we … Continue Reading