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TI Connection Error to Cognos BI Report

We sometimes recommend using a Cognos BI Package and BI report as the source for TM1. We usually do this when we have both TM1 and BI deployed at a client and it just makes sense to prepare the data in Framework Manager so it can then be used by any BI report and by TM1 as well. It especially cuts down reconciliation because if it is right in one … Continue Reading

AttrPutS and AttrPutN Doesn’t Work!

Attribute Definition Problem I just had an instance where I was adding new elements to a dimension in TM1 and then wanted to define an attribute for those new elements.  Easy, yeah?  Just test if an element is there with a Dimix, then use a DimensionElementInsert and then an AttrPutS or AttrPutN to define the attribute.  Well, not quite. I had it all on the metadata tab, but even though the … Continue Reading

TI Error: Cannot convert field number 9

I was working on a new TI process today and got this error – “Cannot convert field number 9, value “*textdata*” to a real number”. Odd, I thought. Cryptic error – cannot convert field number 9! I initially thought it might concern field number 9 in my source data.  Nope.  No cigar! What this is saying is that there is a field on the Variables tab has been defined as … Continue Reading

The Definitive Guide to Turbo Integrator Troubleshooting

Here is all you need to know about TM1 Turbo Integrator processes. What they are, how they work and how to debug them.