Filtering Data

Filter MDX Function in Planning Analytics

Definition The TM1 MDX function FILTER in IBM Planning Analytics is utilised to selectively retrieve data from multidimensional…

How to Create a User Defined Consolidation in TM1 Architect & Perspectives

Sometimes we want to create a rollup of elements from a dimension that does not exist in the…

Dimensions in TM1

Dimensions are one of the fundamental building blocks in TM1. We put dimensions together to create cubes and…

Slow MDX Subsets? Best Practice Guide to Maintain Sets in TM1

Having MDX based dynamic subsets in TM1 is a fantastic way to ensure that reports, forms and processes…

Descendants MDX Function in Planning Analytics

Definition The ‘Descendants’ MDX function in TM1/Planning Analytics is used to generate a set containing all descendant members…

Stop Architect Hanging when Clicking Consolidated Element

There are times user face issues trying to navigate in the dimension (subset editor) with thousands of elements,…

N Level-MDX for Leaf Level Elements from an Ancestor in TM1

Use MDX to return JUST the children of a parent element in TM1. Simple explanation with worked example. THis MDX can then be used to export just those elements.

DimensionDestroy: How to Delete a Dimension in TM1

Sometimes we want to just delete a dimension from TM1. We get lots of failed searches on our…

Cascading Picklists in TM1 – How to Create in 4 Steps

Cascading Picklists in TM1 are a great way to limit long lists from being displayed to users for selection. Here we explain exactly how to create them.

How to Get an Element ID from an Alias in an TM1 Excel Report

Need to get a primary element name from an alias in a TM1 Excel report? Simple solution for deriving an element principal name in Excel.

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