TI Case Studies

Turbo Integrator creates processes that can be executed.

Use of @= in TM1

@= in TM1: How to Use it in Rules and Processes

@= is used in TM1 for evaluation of operators in TM1 Rules and TI Processes. Here we explain how it is used and give examples for both rules and processes.

TM1 Clear Attribute – an AttrClear Function

The AttrClear or ClearAttr function doesn’t exist in TM1. Here is an easy method to replicate what functions like these would do, with a downloadable example

How to Create Virtual Dimensions in TM1/Planning Analytics

Virtual Dimensions in TM1 and Planning Analytics allow you to use Attributes to create additional analytic capability. Here we explain how to create them with code examples.

CubeClearData TM1 Function Syntax and Use

CubeClearData: TM1 and Planning Analytics command for clearing all data from a TM1 cube without deleting and recreating the cube. It does not give the flexibility of deleting the data from only a slice of a cube.

Null Values in a Turbo Integrator Process

This is a short and simple post to help you check for null values. There is no direct TI command to check if values being loaded are null or not, but we have come up with two easy checks to search for a string or numeric null value.

TM1 SaveDataAll Data Locks

Recently I encountered a situation where we had a SaveDataAll process running every half hour that had started…

How to Export to a Database from TM1

How to use TM1 as a source to export to a database such as SQL Server, Oracle or DB2. Use either Direct Connect or Text Output.

How to use a Dynamic Path in a TI for a Data Source

Using variables in a TM1 or Planning Analtyics Turbo Integrator process to dynamically vary the path for datasource for both server and client.

How to Pad a Variable Length Element in TM1

Often we have a situation were we want to create a dimension with the contents of a code from…

ItemSkip TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

ITEMSKUP is a Turbo Integrator function that forces the current record being read from a data source to…

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