All TM1 Admins need to do installations and then configure TM1 to work nicely. Well, here we bring you not only all our posts on installing and configuring TM1, but also on the installation and configuration of Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) and Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX) so the whole TM1 environments works well together.

Configure Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services SSL Certificate

Configuring SSL Certificate to Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Service (formerly knowns as TM1 Web) provides another layer of security…

Cognos Analytics Configure SSL Certificate

Configuring SSL Certificate to Cognos Analytics server provides an extra layer of security that verify the website’s identity….

Planning Analytics Workspace Configure SSL Certificate

Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) is a web-based planning analytics interface used to access TM1 cubes and. Configuring SSL…

Configure Planning Analytics Local SSL Certificate

When you have Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Service and configured to use SSL Certificate, you would need to configure…

Configure Planning Analytics to Recognise Cognos SSL Certificate

Using CAM security with SSL in CA? You need to add the CA certificate to Planning Analytics. We explain the steps required with screenshots.

IBM Planning Analytics on AWS

In May 2022, IBM announced its strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver IBM Planning…

How to Hide Admin Host in TM1Web

Steps to Configure PA Spreadsheet Services/ TM1 Web to hide Admin Host Need Help? Do you need some…

How to Download Planning Analytics Local

Simple, step by step guide (including screenshots) how to download Planning Analytics Local (TM1) Server.

How to Install Mirantis Container Runtime (Docker) on Windows Server 2019

If you need to install Mirantis Container Runtime (formerly known as Docker) to Windows Server 2019, there are…

How to Install Planning Analytics Workspace Windows 2019

Detailed instructions with screenshots for installing Planning Analytics Workspace on Windows Server 2019, including how to install MCS.

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