Rule Errors

These posts explore different errors that we have encountered in TM1 and how we resolved them.

Errors Connecting to Planning Analytics for Excel/CAFE

Launching CAFE or Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX) can cause errors if the PC is not configured to conform to IBM’s supported environment. Here we run through how to get it all sorted!

TM1/Cognos Security Integration Gremlin

Weird. That’s all I can say. We have been doing a significant project with complex calculations done in…

TI Connection Error to Cognos BI Report

We sometimes recommend using a Cognos BI Package and BI report as the source for TM1. We usually…

Ambiguous Element Name TM1 Rule Error – Quick Fix

Saving a TM1 rule and getting an error “element name ambiguous”? Here is how to fix it and the trick the other posts on the internet fail to tell you about!

String Rules Invalid Expression

What do you do when you get an ‘invalid expression’ error when saving a rule based on a string element? This post dives into the best way to solve this error message with an example of the correct syntax.

TI Error: Cannot convert field number 9

I was working on a new TI process today and got this error – “Cannot convert field number…

"cell type is real" TM1 Error

I got a “cell type is real” error this afternoon and was somewhat confounded! “cell type is real” was…

TM1 Performance Modeler Not Opening

I have been battling with opening Performance Modeler for a couple of weeks where I would start the…

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