How to Get an Element ID from an Alias in an TM1 Excel Report

Need to get a primary element name from an alias in a TM1 Excel report? Simple solution for deriving an element principal name in Excel.

DimensionElementPrincipalName, How to Use and Syntax

DimensionElementPrincipalName allows you to look up the primary ID of an alias in a dimension in TM1 in a TI process.

How to Change Element Order in a TM1 Dimension

How to set the order of elements in a dimension in TM1, either manually via the Dimension Editor, automatically via TM1 Server Explorer or within a Turbo Integrator process – and why you should be very careful when using it!

How to Find the Level of an Element in TM1: ELLEV Use and Syntax

Syntax and Use of ELLEV in TM1 and Planning Analytics to determine the level of a particular element from a dimension.

DimensionElementComponentDelete TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

DimensionElementComponentDelete selects a single element and deletes it from a consolidation element in a dimension in TM1. Importantly, it…

DIMNM TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

The TM1 function DIMNM returns the name of an element from its index in a TM1 dimension. Each element…

DimSiz TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

The TM1 function DimSiz returns the total number of elements in a TM1 dimension. Syntax of DimSiz The…

DimensionSortOrder TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

Explanation and example of sorting a dimension in TM1 or Planning Analytics via a Turbo Integrator process using the DimensionSortOrder function.

How to Pad a Variable Length Element in TM1

Often we have a situation were we want to create a dimension with the contents of a code from…

Understanding Attributes in TM1 – Made Easy with Examples

Attributes are one of the core components of TM1. They allow you to describe and categorise elements, use alternate descriptions or IDs and to build virtual hierarchies and dimensions.

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