DimensionElementPrincipalName, Syntax and Use

Today I needed to lookup an element ID from an alias in a TI process.  I found the DimensionElementPrincipalName function that looks up the TM1 element principal name from the alias. Woohoo! It will also check if what you are looking for is a primary element ID as well, and if so, return that.

Syntax of DimensionElementPrincipalName

The syntax is:

DimensionElementPrincipalName( DimName, ToFind );


  • DimName is the name of the dimension you are wanting to check, and
  • ToFind is the text you want to find the element ID from.


An example of this is:

sAward = DimensionElementPrincipalName ( 'Payroll Award' , sAwardDesc );

In this code we are updating a string variable, sAward, by looking up the text in sAwardDesc from the ‘Payroll Award’ dimension.

Notes re DimensionElementPrincipalName

  • This only works for aliases or the primary ID of an element.
  • The syntax does not require you to identify an attribute to check. this is because aliases and element IDs are unique. TM1 checks all aliases and the elements of a dimension to find the primary ID.
  • If the contents of ToFind are not found in either an alias or a primary ID, then the contents of ToFind are returned. NULL is not returned.
  • If ToFind is found, either in an alias or as the primary element ID, then the primary ID is returned.

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