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How to Install Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services

Updated as of PASS 2.0.68. Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services replaced TM1Web within TM1 in August 2020. It is now included in the higher cadence release series, alongside Planning Analytics for Excel and Planning Analytics Workspace. This post runs through how to install Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services.

Importantly, if you currently run TM1 Contributor Applications, you need to make additional changes. Please see the section at the end of the post for more instructions.

Please note that there is a new Windows Service defined for PASS and the old “IBM Cognos TM1” service will be set to Manual and will not start even if you try.

Steps to Install Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services

Time needed: 30 minutes

How To Install Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services (PASS)

  1. Download the latest version of PASS from IBM

    Login to Passport Advantage and download the latest version of PASS from there. Make sure that you are keeping PASS, PAW and PAX in sync and that your PA server is at a version compatible with them as well.

  2. Unzip the PASS installer

  3. Run the PASS installer as an Administrator

    From the unzipped folder, run the installer.

  4. Choose your installation language

  5. Click Next on the Let’s get Started Screen

  6. Accept the license for Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services

  7. Set the location

    Be careful here that you choose the location of any previously installed version.
    Also, make sure you check the box to make the shortcut visible to all users in the Start Menu.

  8. Confirm the Location

    If the location is new, you will get a warning to confirm that you want the installer to create the new folder.

  9. Confirm Overwrite

    If you are installing over the top of a previous installation, read the warning and accept the location.
    Note as well that if you are installing over the top and DO NOT get this warning, pause and check why!

  10. Confirm the Pre Installation Summary

    Check that everything is ok and then click Install on the Pre-Installation Summary.

  11. Wait for the Installation to Complete

    The installation only takes a few minutes.

  12. Installation Complete!

  13. Start the new Service

    Now, you will have a new IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services service on the server. It will not be started by default, so go to Windows Services and start it.

  14. Test the Installation

    Lastly, open a browser and connect to TM1web. Remember the URL is http://servername:port/tm1web/, replacing “servername” with your server’s name and “port” usually with “9510”.

Do you use Contributor (TM1 Applications)?

If you use TM1 Applications (Contributor) and have just installed Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services for the first time, your old Contributor models will now not be accessible. As a result, you will be getting a “Not Found” error when you try to open a Contributor application.

Now, to fix this, you need to re-enable the PMHub service and also modify the ports that both PASS and PM Hub use (they both were on 9510 prior to PASS). Furthermore, please head over to this article by IBM on the exact steps you need to take.

Updates to Planning Analytics Workspace and Planning Analytics for Excel

Most importantly, you MUST keep these three products, PASS, PAW and PAX in sync and your version of Planning Analytics server must support the versions installed.

Here are additional guides you can use as a reference for upgrading:

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