How to Upgrade Planning Analytics (TM1)

As of version 11 TM1 (Planning Analytics) is able to be upgraded in situ. In other words, you can upgrade Planning Analytics without removing the previous version, installing the new version directly over the top of an existing installation. All installation files are cumulative, so you could, in theory, jump from v 2.0.0 to v 2.0.7 if required (but I’d be really careful if you tried!).

Here are the steps for completing the upgrade of Planning Analytics (TM1):

  • Download from Passport Advantage the new version of Planning Analytics and unzip to a convenient folder.
  • Review the “What’s New” page on
  • Backup your TM1 models to a zip file.
  • Open Cognos Configuration for TM1 and do an export to somewhere outside of the installation location (you don’t really need to do this, but it might just be useful!).
  • Take a snapshot of your virtual machines, if your TM1 server is virtualised.
  • Advise users that TM1 will be unavailable.
  • Stop all the TM1/Planning Analytics services.
  • From the unzipped location above, run as an Administrator “issetup.exe” from the “winx64h” folder.
Planning Analytics installation

If you have not stopped all the TM1/Planning Analytics services, you will get a warning like this:

So go to Services and stop all the TM1 and Planning Analytics services.

Come back to the installer and continue.

Upgrade Planning Analtyics
Upgrade TM1

When you get the warning that you are installing Planning Analytics to the same location as a previous installation, accept the warning. This will replace the previous version of TM1.

Installation of TM1 in the same location as previous installation.
Completion of Planning Analytics Upgrade
  • Run your update processes and confirm that they all work as expected.
  • Open a couple of reports or forms and confirm they are ok.
  • Open PAW and confirm it is happy.
  • Advise users that TM1 is now available again and ask that they test it to confirm that all is ok.

If you are now wanting to upgrade Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW), please see these instructions. If you are looking for instructions to install PAW for the first time, please see this post.

Remember, if you need any help with upgrading TM1 or Planning Analytics, please reach out to us at Infocube!

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