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SaveDataAll TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

As you undoubtedly know, TM1 is an “in memory” application, in that the data resides completely in memory in much the same way as Microsoft Excel.  And just like Excel, where if you quit from Excel before saving, you loose your data, in TM1, if you shut down TM1 without saving the data, you loose it.  To get around this there is a command you can use in a Turbo Integrator process called SaveDataAll.

Syntax and use of SaveDataAll

Simply put, the syntax is:


Paste this into the Epilog of a TI process.  Then add the TI process to a chore and schedule it to run as frequently as you need.  This could be every few minutes to daily, depending on the criticality of the data entered through the day and the performance impact of running the chore.  Test it, consider the impact of losing data and then decide!

Alternative Function: SaveCubeData

You may also be interested in SaveCubeData and the impact of TM1 locks created by SaveDataAll.

On a note of caution. Each time this function is run, a new log file is created. These log files can end up being quite numerous and very large. To clean up these log files, please see this post.

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