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Understanding Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services: PASS Made Easy

IBM released Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services (PASS) version 2.0.55 in late 2020. Here, we will discuss what it is, what it replaces, when you need to update it and how to get it. Since it is version 2.0.55, it is in sync with the other Planning Analytics installation kits and should remain so.

What is Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services?

PASS is a direct replacement for installation files of TM1Web. The server installation files of each version of Planning Analytics Local up until included TM1Web. Unfortunately, TM1Web is no longer included with the server installation starting from version As a result, it needs to be installed separately.

What does it Replace and Why?

Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services replaces TM1Web. Primarily because TM1Web has much more affinity with Planning Analytics for Excel and Planning Analytics Workspace. Therefore, it makes sense that it is released alongside those products so they are kept in sync, rather than waiting for the more infrequent release of the core TM1 server updates.

How do I get Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services?

PASS is available on IBM’s Fix Central.

Do I need to Uninstall TM1Web?

Apparently not. Firstly, during the installation of Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services, IBM say that the old TM1Web services will be set to manual. At the same time, PASS will be installed in a new folder and will run in its own service.

What about Contributor and Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services?

TM1 Contributor can cause problems. Please see the notes at the end of this post for instructions about how to manage Contributor with PASS.

Do PASS, PAW and PAX Need to be in Sync?

Absolutely. Here, we have a full explanation of keeping Planning Analytics for Excel, Planning Analytics Workspace and Planning Analytics server in sync. Critically, they should be kept in sync!

IBM’s Support Q and A

IBM has a more detailed explanation of all this in this knowledge base article. In addition to what we have covered here, it also discusses APAR’s, Fixes, pmpsvc, TM1 Applications and SSL.

How to Install PASS?

If you are looking for installation instructions for PASS, please see this post.

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