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How to Remove Email Hyperlinks in Dynamic Reports

Something really frustrating about Planning Analytics for Excel Dynamic Reports is that sometimes the row titles get converted to hyperlinks that try to open your email application when you click on those row titles. The row titles are generated by the TM1RPTROW function and with the addition of arrays in Excel this became an issue.

mailto in TM1RPTROW in Planning Analytics Dynamic Report

Stopping Mailto in Planning Analytics for Excel Dynamic Report

To stop a hyperlinks appearing on rows in a Dynamic Report is dead easy. Just:

  1. Open Excel
  2. Go to File, Options, Proofing
  3. Select the AutoCorrect Options
  4. Then select the AutoFormat As You Type tab
  5. Uncheck the Internet and network paths with hyperlinks box

You will then need to restart Excel.

After doing the above, if you have an existing Dynamic Report with hotlinks, you will need to remove them manually. To do this:

  1. Select the TM1RPTROW formula and the rows beneath that have the hyperlinks.
  2. Right click and select Remove Hyperlink
  3. Then Rebuild your Dynamic Report

There doesn’t appear to be a requirement to change anything in the Format Area of the Dynamic Report.


Thanks heaps to Nicole Joreid from IBM for sending these instructions through to me!

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