Logging in Planning Analytics for Excel

Sometimes you may encounter an error with Planning Analytics for Excel and IBM or your IBM partner will request the logs from users of PAX. This blog describes how to enable logging for PAX and where the logs are located.

How to Turn on Planning Analytics for Excel Logging

To turn logging on for PAX do the following:

  1. Open Excel and Planning Analytics for Excel
  2. Click on the IBM Planning Analytics for Excel ribbon
  3. Click on the Options button (to the left of the big Open icon)
  4. Click on the little “IBM” tab at the top left corner of the dialog box
  5. Change the logging level to “All” (or whatever level you’ve been asked to collect logs at).
  6. Click OK

Where are the Planning Analytics for Excel Logs stored?

By default, PAX logs are stored at:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Cognos\Office Connection\Logs. Obviously you need to substitute the “username” in this path for your username.

Additional Information to Collect with PAX Logs

When you have these logs enabled, ask you users to collect the following information about the problem you are trying to resolve:

  1. the name of the workbook you had open,
  2. the action you were trying to complete (refresh, open, run a process, click a button etc),
  3. the approximate time when it occurred



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