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How to Download Planning Analytics Local

This is a step by step guide (including screenshots) how to download Planning Analytics (or TM1) Server. We have separate posts for downloading the add ons for Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW), Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX/PAfE) and Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services (PASS/TM1Web).

Keeping Components in Sync

The different components need to be all kept essentially in sync (see this post for more information on the versions and syncing). The downloads for these components are all available on IBM’s Fix Central.

Installing Components of Planning Analytics

After you have downloaded Planning Analytics Local, Planning Analytics Workspace, Planning Analytics for Excel and Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services, you will need to install them. To help out, at the end of the post are links to our posts about how to then install PA PAW, PAX and PASS.

Planning Analytics Local (TM1 Server) Download Guide

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Download Planning Analytics Server (TM1 Server). The time taken to complete this will vary depending on the components chosen. I have chosen to download PA and the total download is about 2Gb and takes about 10 minutes.

  1. Login to IBM.com

    First up, you need to login to IBM by going to IBM’s FixCentral. The URL for Fix Central is https://www.ibm.com/support/fixcentral/.
    To login to FixCentral you will need an IBM ID, if you don’t have one of these, please go to https://myibm.ibm.com/ and create it there before you try to login to Fix Central.

  2. Enter the product name you want to download

    Here you need to enter Planning Analytics Local and then select Planning Analytics Local (Analytics Solutions) from the dropdown.

  3. Complete the IBM Filters

    Here I have selected Installed Version 2.0 (the only one) and Windows 64bit.
    Then hit Continue

  4. Browse for Fixes

    Select Browse for Fixes and then hit Continue.

  5. Select your Download

    This will then search the Fix Central database and after a few seconds present you with a download list.
    From this list select the updates to download. You can see in the screenshot below that there are four current downloads available – PAWL (Planning Analytics Workspace Local), PAL (Planning Analytics Local), PASSL (Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services Local) and PAXL (Planning Analytics for Excel Local). Then immediately after that we go back a version and you can see the PAWL again, but this time for an earlier version.
    I have selected PAL (Planning Analytics Local) only. If I wanted the other tools at the same time I could select the latest versions of them as well.
    Then click Continue again.

  6. Start the Download

    If you are not logged in using your IBM ID, you will then be prompted for it. If you are logged in, then FixCentral will then process your order and present you with the list of the products you have selected. At this point you could elect not to download some, or just continue.
    Note that the preferred method of downloading is via IBM’s Download Director. This is a very efficient Java based tool that will manage the download for you.
    Hit the Download Now button.

  7. Open JLNP file

    As part of the Java Download Director process you might get a warning to pen or save the JNLP file in order to launch Download Director. You need to open the JNLP file with Java WebStart (javaws). Note that I elect to not check the box here because I can’t seem to remember what I need to open it with each time!.
    After continuing you might also get a warning from your browser to keep or discard the jnlp file. Select Keep.
    Once the JNLP is fully downloaded, then you need to Open it. Just click the little up arrow and select Open.

  8. Download Director

    That will then launch Download Director. The first step in there is to click Run on the Java warning.
    Download Director will then connect to IBM’s servers and start the download process.
    The download might take some time. In the download in this screenshot I am downloading 24Gb and it is set to take an hour and a half.

  9. Start the Installation

    Once the download of Planning Analytics Local Server complete, you will need to do the installation. Please see these links for instructions on how to install each component.
    Planning Analytics (TM1) Server

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