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DBR TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

DBR function is used to retrieve a value from a specified TM1 cube.

DBR Syntax

The syntax for DBR function is as following:

DBR(server:cube, e1, e2,[...en])


  • server:cube: name of a TM1 Server Application and the name of a cube that is available on the server.
  • e1,..en: The dimension element names that specify the intersection within the cube, from which the value needs to be retrieved.

A few things to note here regarding the arguments e1 through en:

Importance of Sequence in DBR Syntax

The sequence of the arguments is crucial. e1 should correspond to an element from the first dimension of the cube, e2 should correspond to an element from the second dimension, and so on.

Use of Aliases

It is possible to use the names of aliases for dimension elements as the arguments.

Syntax for Numeric Elements

If a numeric element is being used in a DBR, it should be enclosed within double quotation marks to differentiate it from other elements.

These considerations ensure the correct specification of dimension elements when retrieving values from the cube.


Assume we have a server named “NebulaFit” and a cube named “Sales” with the following dimensions:

  • Dimension 1: Product (elements: Product A, Product B, Product C)
  • Dimension 2: Region (elements: Region X, Region Y, Region Z)
  • Dimension 3: Year (elements: 2019, 2020, 2021)
  • Dimension 4: Measures (element: Sales)


Continuing our example from above, let’s say we want to retrieve the sales value for “Product B” in “Region Y” for the year “2020” using the DBR function.

Then, the DBR function will be:

DBR("NebulaFit:Sales", "Product B", "Region Y", "2020","Sales")

This function will retrieve the sales value from the intersection of “Product B,” “Region Y,” and “2020” in the “SalesCube” on the “SalesServer.”

TM1 DBR function in Excel

Example of the use of DBR in TM1 and Planning Analytics

Difference Between DBR and DBRW

DBR and DBRW are very similar. They do essentially the same thing. The syntax is identical and they both return a value or allow you to enter a value. So what is different between DBR and DBRW? It is all about network performance. DBRW is designed to perform better in wide area networks (the “W” stands for Wide are networks).

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