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Planning Analytics Workspace Scripts Explained

Yesterday I did an upgrade of Planning Analytics Workspace. Our blog on the upgrade steps to take were fantastic, but I had trouble opening the PAW Administration Console. To get around it I just used the scripts in PAW to do the process, rather than PAW Admin directly.

Where are the PAW Scripts?

If you open Windows PowerShell in Administration mode and navigate to your PAW folder you will see a Scripts folder. Inside this are a series of scripts (amazing, huh!).

How to Run PAW Scripts

Planning Analytics Workspace scripts are run in the PowerShell window at the root fo the PAW version by entering ./scripts/ and then the script you want to run. So for paw.ps1, you would enter “./scripts/paw.ps1”.

The Major Planning Analytics Workspace Scripts


The script paw.ps1 does a number of things and all are controlled by switches after the command. They include:

paw.ps1Checks the status of containers
Starts containers if they are not running
Recreates containers if required
Reloads paw.ps1 configuration changes
paw.ps1 psLists the status PAW processes
paw.ps1 stopStops PAW processes
paw.ps1 startStarts PAW processes
Does not reload paw.ps1 configuration
– Note after running this, Windows will still take a considerable time to actually get everything going


backup.ps1 foldernameBacks up Planning analytics Workspace to a file called foldername into the root folder of this PAW installation.
More information on this post.


restore.ps1 foldernameRestores the contents of foldername to Planning Analytics Workspace


launch.ps1Opens Planning Analytics Workspace in the local browser using an IP address only usable on the PAW server. This command does not work if CAM security is in use as the temporary IP address will not have been added to BI Interop files.


admin tool.ps1Starts the PAW Admin tool in your browser. This can only be done on the PAW server.


clean.ps1Removes all images from the installation.
Be very careful to only run this after you have completed upgrading PAW and make sure execute it from the old installation.

Other Scripts

So they are the major Planning Analytics Workspace scripts. If you want any others explained or detailed, please let us know.


A big shout out to Tushar Patil from IBM Support in Sydney for explaining these to me so clearly. Thanks Tushar!

Need Help?

We are regularly upgrading PA Server, PAW, PASS and PAX for our clients. If you need any help – no matter where you are in the world – please let us know.

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