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Planning Analytics for Excel Connection to TM1

Here we explain how to create a new connection in Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX) to a TM1 model or server.

What is Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX)?

Planning Analytics for Excel is the Excel add-in from IBM that provides access to TM1 cubes. With it you can do ad hoc exploration, create quick reports, create unlimited length reports and highly customised reports. It replaces the old TM1 Perspectives add-in.

Where does PAX Connect to?

PAX connects to the Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) server (not the TM1 server). The address for this is https://pawserver.domain.local/.

How to Create a Connection in Planning Analytics for Excel to TM1

1. Open Excel.

2. Ensure the Planning Analytics for Excel add-in is active. You should have the IBM Planning Analytics ribbon available to you in Excel. If you do not have the PAX add-in active, please see this post on activating the Planning Analytics for Excel add-in.

3. Click on the PAX ribbon.

4. Click Connect, New Connection

5. In the Add/Edit Connection dialog box enter the following:

a. Select IBM Planning Analytics as the Datasource type.

b. Enter https://pawserver.domain.local/ as the Connection URL

c. Enter whatever you like as the Friendly name.

6. Then click on Test Connection. You should get a success notification like this:

7. Click Save.

You now have a connection established to TM1. You should not need to repeat this exercise and can use this connection to login to TM1 in future.

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