ItemSkip TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

ITEMSKUP is a Turbo Integrator function that forces the current record being read from a data source to be skipped.

Syntax of ITEMSKIP

The syntax is just ITEMSKIP; – real simple eh! And there are no operators.


Typically ITEMSKIP will be used with an IF statement so that only data that satisfies a certain criteria will be further processed. This both speeds up the processing and also allows you to discretely set a variable within an IF statement.

For example:

IF ( vChannel @= ‘Grocery’);

vChannelCode = ‘GR’




This would test the variable vChannel to see if it contained the word ‘Grocery’ and if so, then set the variable vChannelCode to ‘GR’ and if not, then skip the record (meaning that only Grocery data will end up being processed by this TI.

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