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Creating a TM1 Contributor Model

These are the steps I have just used to create my first TM1 Contributor model.  There are more steps here than in Performance Modeller, however I think this more complete list is more useful.

Step 1 – Build Views and Websheets

Build the Excel Websheets and TM1 Views you want to include in the Contributor model.  Note that all websheets and views must have the dimension you have defined for the approval hierarchy contained in the cube.

Step 2 – Security

Ensure that you have some structure to your security as this is used for rights configuration

Step 3 – Create Contributor Application

Open Performance Modeller

Select Application Design from the bottom of the right side pane.

From the Applicators folder on the top of the right side pane, select New, Application and assign it the application type (Approval, Central or Responsibility).

Step 4 – Define the Views to be Used

From either the Cubes or Websheets folder in the TM1 Objects pane on the right side, drag in the views and websheets you want in the application to the Contributor views pane in the centre section.

Step 5 – Approval Hierarchy

Drag in the subset you have defined above for the Approval Hierarchy in the the Approval hierarchy pane in the centre section.

Step 6 – Rights

Configure the Rights for the model by clicking on the Configure Rights button.

Step 7 – Validation

Click on the Validate button and review or fix any warnings.

Step 8 – Save

Click on the Save button

Step 9 – Activate Contributor Application

Go to the TM1 Applications list in Cognos Connections (in Cognos Express, go to Manager, then Launch, Planner) and click on the Enable button out on the far right beside the Application name.

Step 10 – Test

Finally, navigate to where the Contributor model is located in Cognos Connection, open it, take ownership of a node and test it.

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