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DimensionCreate: How to Create a Dimensions in a TM1 Process (TI)

Often we will want to create dimensions in TM1. We might be creating a new model or recreating a dimension during a TI process. To do this we use the DimensionCreate function (not the CreateDimension function that doesn’t exist!).

Syntax of DimensionCreate

The syntax is:

DimensionCreate ( DimName );

where DimName represents the name of the dimension you want to create.


DimName = 'Customer';
DimensionCreate ( DimName );

This example creates the Customer dimension in our TM1 model.


This function is often used in conjunction with an IF statement and the DimensionExists function to check if a dimension exists and if it doesn’t, then to create it. This could look like:

DimName = 'Customer' ;
IF ( DimensionExists ( DimName ) = 0 ) ;
  DimensionCreate ( DimName ) ;

In this example we are setting the variable DimName as ‘Customer’, then testing if it exists and if not, then creating it.

IF you are looking for how you could delete a dimension, please see this post.

You can only use this function in TI processes.

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