Display TM1 Attributes in Excel


How do I display a TM1 Attribute in an Excel report?


The easiest way present a TM1 attribute in an Excel report is to use a DBRW, DBR or DBRA and refer to the control cube for the relevant dimension in the Excel formula.


I have a dimension called Customer.  In this dimension there is an attribute called Channel. There is an element called “Fred Bloggs” (he’s a customer) and his Channel is “Retail”.

The syntax for DBRA is:


So, in Excel to insert the attribute called Channel into a report I would enter:

=DBRA(“CXMD:Customer”,”Fred Bloggs”,”Channel” )

Importantly DBRA only accepts text as the element ID, so if your element is named using a numeric only sequence, you must ensure that you convert the numeric value to a text value. To do this insert TEXT(elementcell,”0″), where elementcell is the cell containing the numeric element ID.


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