ProcessQuit TM1 Command: Use and Syntax

Ever wondered how you can stop a TI process mid execution by inserting a command?  Or if you haven’t thought of it, maybe you should have! ProcessQuit will do it for you! Note that it is not QuitProcess – that just won’t work!

When creating a Turbo Integrator process in TM1 you will often get part way through creating the code and need to test it.  It’s not really an issue when you have a short TI process, but if you are doing multiple steps in the TI or are addressing a large database that takes a while to load, then you might need to stop if part way.

Well you can.  By inserting a ProcessQuit; command, the Turbo Integrator process will cease at that point.  We’ll often put a ProcessQuit: command at the end of the Prolog (on the Advanced tab) and then hash (#) it out when we are testing, then move it on through the Data tab as keep developing. Then if we need it, then it is right there.

Syntax of ProcessQuit

The syntax is simply:



ProcessQuit is usually used in two ways:

  1. When developing a new TI to force it to stop so you can assess the outcome without running the entire process.
  2. In a production situation, when you find data that is not what you expected and do not want to continue processing.

Output a Message to the Log

Often when we are doing the second option above, especially when it is used in a production TI, we will want to record in the Message Log the reason for forcing the process to quit.  In this instance we’ll combine it with ItemReject which does just that. For an example of the code used for this, please see this post.

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