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Using TM1 Lock to Protect your Data

Locking objects in TM1 is the best way to protect your objects from being changed – even by ADMIN’s! 
So yes, you can lock your data so even the TM1 admin cannot change it. Amazing, huh! The following post will step you through how to use the “Lock” function in TM1. We will also explore […]

TM1 Cell Security: How To Do It and Best Practices

TM1’s security can be as simple or as complex as you need. We tend to start with the broadest possible definition of security and then refine it down to the specific, to the cell if required. TM1 cell security places an overhead for your administrator to manage as it can get complex, not only within […]

TM1 Security (Pre 9.4)

Overview Security within TM1 is limited to assigning a client to a group then a group to one or many levels and selections of objects. The levels of objects are: Tier 1: Cubes Applications Processes Chores Tier 2 – Dimensions Tier 3 – Elements Tier 4 – Cube Cells/Intersections of Elements The level based security […]

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