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How to Import the New Visualisation Charts into IBM Cognos BI

The new visualisation engine from IBM (RAVE) looks amazing and within this article we will show you how to access the charts and use them within report studio. Note that they can be used in traditional reporting and active reports.
First step is to go to Analytics Zone. This is an IBM site where you can download all the new visualisation charts, plus Cognos Insight, demos and much more.

If haven’t registered before then you will need to register. Otherwise sign in and go to the marketplace and search for the chart that you want.

Once you locate the chart you can download it.

Then you need to import the new chart in Cognos BI. For easier maintenance, create a folder where you can store all your new charts. I like to create a folder inside the IBM folder called VisualisationsLibrary. Once you out the charts there (you do not have to decompress them) go to your Cognos Administration page. Click on the library tab.

Then click on the import visualisations button on the toolbar to the right. The import wizard page will open.

Then click the import button and close. You will see the visualisations charts now in your library.

Then all you have to do is use them in a report. Open Report Studio. Go to the toolbox and locate the visualisation object.

Drag and drop the visualisation object into your report and select your chart.

Then populate the chart with data and that’s it!!


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