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TM1 Tutorials remodelled with added analytics

I’m pleased to announce that TM1 Tutorials.com has had a complete rebuild and today we have launched the new site, just in time for IBM Information On Demand (IOD). Please head on over to the new and improved TM1 Tutorials.com and see for yourself what all the fuss is about! You can also track our progress at IOD by following @TM1Tutorials on twitter.

The new TM1 Tutorials website is now focuses on the IBM Business Analytics solution stack consisting of:

  • IBM Cognos TM1
  • IBM Cognos BI
  • IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

We have our data-scientist Vangelis working hard on some really impressive SPSS Predictive Analytics tutorials, the first of which has been added to the archives.

How to use SPSS Modeler and Time Series algorithms to forecast revenues – Vangelis K

I hope the changes will help to better support you in your analytical adventures! As always, if you have any feedback please contact us.

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