Limiting a Rule to Active Scenarios Only

Today I wanted to update a rule so that the processing of the rule was limited only to those scenarios that are “active”.  I could have gone through each line in the rules and added specific references to the scenarios I want to be active in the scope of each line of the rules. What I wanted was to limit rules to work only on specific scenarios.

I then thought of this. If in my Scenario dimension I have a parent called “Active Scenarios” and then have the scenarios “Current Budget” and “Current Scenario” as child to that, then I could insert a rule right at the top of my rules that says:

# Limit the rules to only those scenarios that are children of Active Scenarios in the Scenario dimension

[] = IF ( ELISANC ('Scenario', 'Active Scenarios', !Scenario) <> 1, STET, CONTINUE) ;

And bingo, only those children of ‘Active Scenarios’ will use the rules that follow.

I specifically wanted this in place as we then want to create a TI process that allows us to copy the contents of a scenario as a static archive to a new scenario.  For example, copy “Current Budget” to “Budget Submission 1”.