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MDX Primer

Here’s a link to our preferred MDX source on the web BI Hints from Win Gielis. It si an awesome source for all things MDX in TM1. On it you will find an array of fantastic ideas that you can use to progress you through understanding the use of MDX in Planning Analytics.

Wim’s MDX Primer is intended to serve as a simple introduction to creating dynamic dimension subsets using MDX in TM1. It focuses on giving working examples rather than trying to explain the complete theory of MDX and makes sure to cover the features most useful to TM1 users.

Old TM1 (as of 9.0 SP3) only allowed users to use MDX to create dimension subsets and not to define cube views. This meant that the usage of MDX in TM1 is often quite different in terms of both syntax and intention from examples found in books and on the internet.

As MDX (Multi-Dimensional eXpressions) is an industry-standard query language for OLAP databases from Microsoft there are many references and examples to be found on the Internet, though bear in mind that TM1 doesn’t support every aspect of the language and adds a few unique features of its own. This can make it difficult to use examples found on the web, whereas all the examples in this document can simply be copied-and-pasted into TM1 and will execute without modification, assuming you have the example mini-model created as documented later.

It is an old post now, written in 2008, but the MDX holds true and is still the best MDX resource for TM1 people on the web.

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