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Operators in a TM1 Turbo Integrator IF Statement

Ever wanted to create a command similar to an SQL “IS IN” in a TM1 Turbo Integrator process? Or use operators in a TM1 TI process to create a “NOT IN” like command from a SQL? Or wanted to use an OR, an AND or a NOT EQUAL TO command in a TI process?

Well, you can.

If you are looking for the operators to use in a TM1 Rule, please check this post.

TM1 TI Operators

There are some very useful operators available in TM1 TI processes.  Use:

  • % (a percent sign) for OR,
  • & (an ampersand) for AND
  • ~ (a tilde) for NOT EQUAL TO

“Is In” Operator

Further, to make an “is in” command, just use a series of OR statements between multiple conditions and you will achieve the same outcome.  To do the OR, you need to use a % in place of the OR. For example (note all the % signs!):

IF ( gp_account @= 'Volume (Units)' % gp_account @= 'List Price/CIP %' % gp_account @= 'Installation Charge/CIP %' % gp_account @= 'Freight Outwards/CIP %' % gp_account @= ' Settlement Discount/CIP %' % gp_account @= 'Material Cost/CIP %' % gp_account @= 'Factory Cost/CIP %' % gp_account @= 'Rework Cost/Std Cost %' % gp_account @= 'Install Cost/CIP %' % gp_account @= 'Install Rework /CIP %' % gp_account @= 'Average CIP/Unit' % gp_account @= 'CIP Change %' );

This will test if any of those values in single inverted commas are in the variable “gp_account” and if so, then the IF will be executed.

“Equal To” Operator

You can also use an ampersand (“&”) as the operator to make a command equal to x and y and z.

“Not Equal To”

You can also use a tilde (“~”) as the operator to make a command not equal to something.  For example using the tilde before the open brackets in the following:

~(vCostCentre @= '1099' % CostCentre @= '2099' % CostCentre @= '6099' % CostCentre @= '8099' )

would be the equivalent of saying vCostCentre NOT IN (‘1099’, ‘2099’, ‘6099’, ‘8099’).

Now that is cool!

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