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Resolving TM1 Maximum Login Attempts Exceeded

TM1 has a built in security feature that locks out users after a set number of attempts. The user is presented with a message that says “The maximum number of login attempts has been exceeded”. Great! So what do you do about it when you get this message?

How to Reset a user who has been locked out of TM1

Regular User

If it is a normal user that has been locked out of TM1, then the TM1 administrator can just go to ModelName/Security/Clients and Groups and remove the password for the user.

Admin User

If you are the only administrator of a model and you get locked out, then you need to restart the service for the model. This will reset the lockout stats.

If you still cannot remember the Admin password, then you need to remove the }ClientProperties.cub from the model (just rename it for now) and then restart the model. By doing this you will reset all TM1 saved passwords – so all your users as well. So be careful!

Change the Default Number of Login Attempts

By default, TM1 will allow three retries of a password before locking out the user. Your TM1 administrator can also change the number of login attempts users get before they get this warning. Just edit tm1s.cfg and either edit or add the parameter:


Then save the tm1s.cfg. This is a dynamic parameter, so there is no need to restart the TM1 service after changing it.

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