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TM1 10.2 – Feature Change: Cell Security Cubes

Model security can now be applied and amended on an Application using Performance Modeller, this includes security for cells, cubes, dimensions, processes and chores.  A few key changes to note:

  • Changing security on applications will take effect immediately
  • Security applied to the applications can be deleted with ease in the model
  • Cell security on a cube can be applied to selection of dimensions, instead of all dimensions in the cube
  • Cell Security cubes can be deleted without restarting the TM1 Server and manually removing the “.cub” files

Apply and update of model security

Model security editor has been added to Performance Modeller in the 10.2 release.  Security of each type are grouped under the relevant grouping, which makes it easier to understand what security has been applied to a model at a glance.  To apply security to an object, right click on the object, select Configure Security, then select a permission type you want to apply.

Security changes to the model takes effect immediately following the security rule is saved.  No need to refresh security and/or restarting server.

Deleting model security rules

Model security can be now removed/deleted without requiring security refresh or shutting down the server, simply right-click on an existing security rule, and click Delete.  And security changes takes effect immediately following the security rule is saved.

In previous release of 10.1, for example, removing dimension security would require shutting down the server, deleting the ‘.cub’ file relating to the dimension security in the background, then bringing the server backup.

Cell security can be applied to a selection dimensions, no longer default to all dimensions in a cube

In the previous release of 10.1, when applying cell security, it is default to all dimensions of the cube.  This is no longer the case in the new release of 10.2.

When creating a cell security rule, security editor in Performance Modeller will prompt user to select the dimensions to participate.

Standard TM1 cell security priority will applies, where cell security will take precedent over dimension element security, with exception when NONE is inserted against a dimension element, which would be suppressed from user.

This key change makes cube security control much cleaner, easier to understand and manage.

Its really good to see IBM really taking a look at how TM1 developers are working with security cubes and enhancing this. This is evident through how rules are listed automatically under the security cubes even if the rule files have not been generated / created on the cube.

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