TM1 in a Unix Environment

Over the last 2 years more and more companies have looked at going 64-bit as their complex business modelling requires much more from a hardware perspective for TM1. TM1 supports two 64-bit Operating Systems these are UNIX and Windows 64-Bit.

Since its more than likely that the admin users of TM1 are used to working in Windows, a UNIX server can present some awkward curve balls when it comes to processes and can complicate loads and other simple tasks etc no end.

Tips to make this easier long Term.

  • Have your UNIX Admins map a UNIX folder as a Network Drive on your machine (Yes this can be done) 
    • Tech name: “NTFS Share”
  • Have also available a FTP Client to transfer Files
  • Fully utilise the Applix UNIX Top tool (Top command in Telnet)
  • Write a set of Scripts clearly marking which server is which as UNIX will allow the same server to be running twice
  • Clearly specify to your administrators at a procurement stage that you will need Telnet Access.

Useful Commands:

  • df k
    • This will show on the first line(s) the status of the hard disks and free space.
  • Top
    • When in the TM1 bin directory will show a list of all applications running and give you an equivalent to the Windows task manager.
    • Once in here you can press “k” then enter an application thread to end that application
    • You can also Order the Applications by pressing “o” then a field to order it by (All lower case) eg: “size”
  • su – *username


    • This will switch you to another username (this is necessary to start a server as you should start them as the TM1admin (localadmin) account that has to have been set up prior.