Back to Basics – Regions in Rules

If there is one basic technical best practise which makes TM1 Solutions more straight-forward thus sustainable which is most often not utilised it is #Regions in cube rules. Regions work the same way as grouping rows within Microsoft Excel, except the grouping is done automatically around a set of key words. This is actually a feature in many scripting environments and is called code folding, it is added to a rule like so:

#Region *The title of this region goes here*
*Rules go here*

You can even add regions within regions. Like so:

#Region 1. Sales Rules
	#Region 1.1 Revenue
		['Revenue'] = N: ['Units'] * ['Price'];
	#Region 1.2 COGS
		['COGS'] = N: ['Units'] * ['Standard Cost'];

This example could also extend to showing the corresponding feeders with the same format: “#Region 1. Sales Feeders”.

Check out the gallery below to see just how much more readable this rule is:

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