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CellPutS TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

CellPutS inserts a string into a specific intersection of a cube. It does not insert numeric values.

Syntax of CellPutS

The syntax is CellPutS (String, Cube, element1, element2, elementn ); where

  • string is the string you want to insert into a cube
  • cube is the cube you insert the string into
  • element1 is an element from the first dimension of the target cube
  • element2 is an element from the second dimension of the target cube
  • elementn are the elements from subsequent dimensions in order of the target cube


An example is CellPutS (‘Fred’, Employees, ‘2014’, ‘Jan’,’001′, ‘FirstName’); which will insert the name Fred into the Employees cube at the intersection of 2014 in the Year dimension, ‘Jan’ in the Month dimension, ‘001’ in a List100 dimension and ‘Firstname’ in the Measures-Staff dimension.

Also, you can use this function in TM1 Turbo Integrator processes only.

Finally, to insert numeric values (rather than string), please see CellPutN or CellIncrementN.

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