Forcing Cognos BI to Use Native TM1 Engine

There are a few settings in Cognos BI that can dramatically improve performance in Cognos BI when using TM1 as a data source. The first of these is to stop Cognos from using the old Bluenose method of querying TM1 and force it to use the native TM1 engine.

Bluenose is the default and it is extremely slow on large queries. Anecdotally it appears to want TM1 to return the entire data set to BI before it is then filtered in BI – so using the native TM1 engine can improve performance enormously!

How to Set Cognos BI to Use the Native TM1 Engine

This was written for Cognos and TM1 10.2.2.

  • In Cognos BI, open Cognos Administration
  • Go to the Configuration tab
  • Scroll down to the Query Service and click Properties
  • Select the Settings tab
  • Click edit to the right of the first item – Advanced Settings
  • Copy “qsUseNativeTM1Engine” and paste it into a Parameter. Then set the value to “true”. Both of these entries must not have the inverted commas.
  • Importantly. Remove any leading or trailing spaces on the parameter name. If there are any (grrr), qsUseNativeTM1Engine will not work.

forcing cognos to use the native tm1 engine

Click here for more information on tuning Cognos and TM1 to work together.

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