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Tuning Cognos BI and TM1 for Maximum Performance

Cognos Business Intelligence and TM1 now work well together, however performance can be dramatically improved by changing the out of the box settings. These tuning changes are not difficult and can significantly enhance both the speed and usability of both tools.

How can BI and TM1 be Integrated

When used together we can use Framework Manager to prepare data from a database before it is loaded into TM1, we can use TM1 cubes as data sources for Cognos BI, we can present TM1 cube Cognos in Cognos Workspace for dashboards and enter data there and we can publish CAFE based reports to Cognos Connection for others to be able to use.

How to Tune Cognos BI and TM1 to Increase Performance

There are a few settings in Cognos BI and TM1 that are not defined out of the box that make the environment work better and deliver the environment outlined above. For BI and TM1 10.2.2 these include the following tuning:

  • Forcing Cognos BI to use the TM1 engine to get maximum performance.
  • Setting the Java Virtual Machine to use enough memory.
  • Setting the Maximum View Size in TM1 so TM1 can grow large enough to return the data needed by BI.
  • Configuring the atom files so TM1 cubes and Perspectives reports can be used directly in BI, including write back.
  • Configuring the TM1 Package Connector to enable the use of Framework Manager packages as data sources.
  • Enable Multi Threaded Queries in TM1 will allow TM1 to use more than one thread (or core) to process a query (or view).

We will go through each of these in different posts. Please click through to see the relevant information on each.

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