Order to Restart Cognos and TM1 Servers

What order do I use to restart Cognos BI and TM1 servers in a distributed environment? We are currently doing a project where there is a TM1 server, two Cognos BI application servers and a gateway server.

The fundamental approach is to stop people from accessing the environment and then stop the applications themselves. The order to stop and start them is the exact reverse of each other.

To stop the servers:

Firstly, ensure that all TM1 models have had all their data saved.

Stop services or servers in this order:

  1. Gateway server (as this is the server where everyone accesses both the Cognos BI and TM1 web content)
  2. TM1 server
  3. Secondary BI application or content manager servers
  4. Primary BI application (content manager) server

To start the servers

Start services or servers in the following order:

  1. Primary BI application (content manager) server
  2. Secondary BI application or content manager servers
  3. TM1 server
  4. Gateway server

Obviously any tools that don’t run as a service do not need to be restarted. So Transformer, Framework Manager, Architect or Perspectives don’t need to be restarted. But note that they won’t have anything to connect to when the services above are down!

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