How to Restart TM1 Server Safely

You might need to restart TM1 if it has become particularly non responsive or if memory consumption has ballooned or just because you want to restart it!. Restarting the TM1 service is very easy, but it is also very easy to lose data.

Remember that TM1 is an in memory product, so if you just kill the server, you will lose all data entered since the last server based Save (which are usually scheduled, but still!).

The Steps to Restart at TM1 Service are:

  1. Connect to the server via Microsoft Terminal Services
  2. Check Task Manager to see if there are any jobs currently running.  If there are TM1 jobs (tm1sd.exe in Processes), wait until they are complete.
  3. If active jobs, open TM1 Operations Console or TM1Top.exe (install location/bin64 folder) – if installed.
  4. Advise users that the server is going to be restarted at a time in no less than 10 minutes time.
  5. Open Architect or Perspectives
  6. Login to TM1 your TM1 model and right click on the model name and select Security, Clients/Groups.  In here look for people that are active in TM1, then contact them and ask them to log out.
  7. In TM1 either run a process that saves data or right click on the model name in Architect and select Save Data.  This will save all data currently in memory to disk before you restart (thus saving everyone’s work!).
  8. Then, either:
    1. Open IBM Cognos Configuration, go to the Data Access, TM1 Server section, right click on the model you want to restart, and select Stop. Then right click again and select Start.
    2. Open Windows Services and select the model and click on the restart button.
  9. You can then monitor the restart by opening the tm1server.log for the model in Notepad++ and clicking away and back on it to refresh until you get a “TM1 Server is ready” message in the log.
  10. Login into TM1 to check that all is good in your world.
  11. Notify users that Cognos now available again.

You have now successfully restarted your server.

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