TM1 10.2 – New Feature: Data Flow Diagram

One of the biggest challenges we face when reviewing a TM1 application is getting an understanding of the data flow logics between cubes. There is a number of tools that can help creating some sort of  flowcharts, but none of them is really good.  An alternative is going through all the cube rules, to understand what connects the cubes, but that could very time-consuming.

In this new version of TM1 10.2, this problem has been addressed!  You can now create flowchart diagrams of your TM1 server with ease.

TM1 Data Flow Chart

TM1 Data Flow Chart

Creating A Data Flow Diagram

When creating a data flow diagram, there are options to create a diagram for the whole application, or a custom diagram highlighting only the selected cubes.

  1. To create a diagram for the whole model, all have to do, is right click in the model design pane and choose “Show Data Flow” and the diagram of the server will be created for you automatically.  Once the diagram is created, you can customise and rearrange everything in any way you want.
  2. The other option is to create a new custom diagram.  Right click in the model design pane, go to new and choose “New Data Flow”. Then you will be represented with a blank canvas and as you drag and drop the cubes, Performance Modeller (PM) will create the links between the cubes.

Thinker arrows mean that, there are more than one links between the cubes, for example, the link between the cubes Promotion Plan and Gross Margin Calculation, as you can see above. You can also group the cubes and customise the diagram in any way you want. Another cool feature is that you can drag a drop folder and bring in the diagram all the cubes in that folder, if they are not already included. This makes it easy to highlight any new cubes created in your TM1 server.

To top everything, this new tool can understand manual rules and feeders and show them in the diagram, like below.

TM1 Data Flow Chart with Manual Rules

TM1 Data Flow Chart with Manual Rules

Finally you can export your diagrams into images and include them in presentations or reports.

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5 comments on “TM1 10.2 – New Feature: Data Flow Diagram

  1. Neeta Solanki says:

    Thank you Vangelis

  2. JC says:

    Been waiting for this for a while. Saves creating in Visio, etc.

  3. Mark-Christoph Müller says:


    if you like this functionality, you might also like that of the TM1RuleInspector tool that my Company is currently developing.
    There is a Website and some documentation (only in German, though), but also a link to a recorded webinar containing a live demo at

    I’d be interested in your Feedback!

    Regards, Christoph

    PS Sorry for spamming this non-Commercial Forum, but there are hardly any sites yet discussing this new 10.2 functionality.

  4. Gerard says:

    Is there also a tool that shows how the cubes are feed with processes?

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