Changing TM1 Server Log Time Zone Stamp

Ever wondered how to set the TM1 log to use local time? One of the things that has frustrated me about TM1 is that the Message Log records all messages in GMT (UTC).  Well, that’s either 8, 9 or 10 hours off my local time zone, so being able to easily see what “real” time it is, was painful.  Then I discovered the settings in

How to Set TM1 Logging to use Local Time

  1. Place into your TM1 config folder (the same location as tm1s.cfg).
  2. Edit the entry “log4j.appender.S1.TimeZone=GMT” to “log4j.appender.S1.TimeZone=local”

For most TM1 environments you will have a defined config folder. For Cognos Express up to 10.2.2, the default location for tm1s.cfg is at C:\Program Files\IBM\Cognos Express\Xcelerator\Custom\TM1Data\CXMD.

No more damned GMT!

If you need it, a working copy of can be downloaded here This download needs to then be changed from “GMT” to “Local”.

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