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Turbo Integrator Syntax Highlighter (Notepad++)

It is no secret that syntax highlighting script editors increase developer productivity. I regularly find myself staring at a chunk of TI processes (especially those written by someone else) for far too long. The combination of black and white text with small, crowded fonts in Turbo Integrator doesn’t help with the readability at all.

While Notepad++ is a great tool for text and script editing, unfortunately it doesn’t support TM1 development. Therefore, we’ve created a TM1 add-on for Notepad++ which includes syntax highlighting and code folding for  bothTI process syntax and cube rules (especially great if the advanced rules editor doesn’t work for you).

TM1.zip (xml file in a archive)

To install this, start Notepad++. Go to View > User Defined Dialogue.

User Defined Dialogue - Notepad++
User Defined Dialogue – Notepad++

Click Import. Select the TM1.xml file attached above and click Open, then restart Notepad++.

To use the add-on, go to Language and select TM1 from the list.

Select TI from Language
Select TI from Language

This will then transform your TI processes and Cube Rules to look like these:

TI Process - Notepad++
TI Process – Notepad++
Cube Rules - Notepad++
Cube Rules – Notepad++

We’ve also added the syntax to enable users to use capitalisation, upper or lower case, which means that this add on would be able to highlight the syntax whether it is written as “AttrInsert”, “ATTRINSERT” or “attrinsert”.

If you would like assistance developing Turbo Integrator Processes or Cube Rules for your TM1 Solution, the friendly team of Consultants at InfoCube Consulting Australia can help. Enter your details in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.

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