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Universal Report Ranges

The hidden rows of a Universal Report reveal a vast amount of text and named ranges. It can be overwhelming, but if you take the…

How to Hide Admin Host in TM1Web

Steps to Configure PA Spreadsheet Services/ TM1 Web to hide Admin Host Need Help? Do you need some help with configuring TM1Web, or just some…

How to Download Planning Analytics Local

Simple, step by step guide (including screenshots) how to download Planning Analytics Local (TM1) Server.

Universal Reports Prerequisites

A Universal Report is a new type of dynamic report that is hierarchy aware. It utilises TM1SET formulas and named ranges to achieve this. The…

How Users Add their IBM IDs for IBM Planning Analytics Cloud

As part of establishing IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud, users need to be invited into Planning Analytics, then accept the invitation and, if they don’t…

How to Add Users to IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud

As part of the administration of IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud, the TM1 administrator needs to set up users. In this post we will run…

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